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Plant Success Orca Liquid Mycorrhizae 1 Litre

by Plant Success

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Boost your plants' growth and resilience with this highly effective liquid mycorrhizae formula.

Experience rapid nutrient uptake and increased water absorption for healthier, more robust plants.

Enhance root development and improve overall plant performance with just a few drops of this powerful solution.

Say goodbye to transplant shock and weak root systems with this proven, all-natural growth enhancer.

Watch your plants flourish like never before with the help of this beneficial fungi and bacteria blend.

$134.99 Loading Data

Introducing a highly effective and easy-to-use liquid mycorrhizae solution that will revolutionize the way you grow your plants. This powerful blend of beneficial fungi and bacteria is designed to enhance root development, increase nutrient uptake, and improve overall plant performance. With just a few drops of this potent formula, you'll witness rapid growth, enhanced resilience, and healthier plants that can better withstand environmental stressors.
Perfect for both indoor and outdoor gardening, this all-natural growth enhancer is suitable for a wide variety of plants, including flowers, vegetables, herbs, and more. By promoting a strong and well-developed root system, this liquid mycorrhizae formula ensures that your plants can efficiently absorb water and essential nutrients from the soil, leading to more robust and flourishing growth.
One of the key benefits of using this liquid mycorrhizae solution is its ability to prevent transplant shock, a common issue faced by gardeners when moving plants from one location to another. By strengthening the roots and improving nutrient absorption, your plants can quickly adapt to their new environment and continue to thrive.
In addition to its growth-boosting properties, this liquid mycorrhizae formula also promotes a healthier and more sustainable garden. By fostering the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, it helps to maintain a balanced ecosystem that supports long-term plant health and vitality.
To experience the incredible benefits of this liquid mycorrhizae solution for yourself, simply mix the recommended dosage with water and apply directly to your plants. In no time, you'll see a noticeable difference in the health, growth, and overall performance of your garden.

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Date first available: July 15 2019
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