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floraflex nutrients - b2 10lb

by FloraFlex

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Get the Best of Both Worlds with FloraFlex Nutrients B2.

Unlock the Potential of Plants with FloraFlex Nutrients B2.

Experience Maximum Growth with FloraFlex Nutrients B2.

Maximize Plant Health with FloraFlex Nutrients B2.

Achieve Optimal Growth with FloraFlex Nutrients B2.

$144.99 Loading Data

FloraFlex Nutrients B2 is a revolutionary plant growth enhancer that can help you achieve maximum growth for your plants. This 10-pound bag of nutrients is packed with essential elements and minerals that will help your plants grow strong, healthy and lush. The formula is designed to be highly absorbable and easily utilized by plants, making it an ideal choice for home gardeners who want to get the best results from their plants. FloraFlex Nutrients B2 is made with natural ingredients and contains no synthetic chemicals, so you can rest assured that your plants are getting the best care possible. The formula utilizes two kinds of nitrogen sources, ammonium and nitrate, to provide plants with the energy they need to thrive. The nitrogen sources also help to promote strong root systems, which will help your plants absorb more nutrients, resulting in fuller and healthier plants. In addition to providing essential nutrients, FloraFlex Nutrients B2 helps to promote beneficial microbial activity in the soil. This helps to improve the overall health of the soil, which in turn helps to promote better plant growth. The formula is also designed to reduce water loss and provide a slower release of nutrients, allowing for more efficient absorption of essential elements. Finally, this product is easy to use, making it a great choice for home gardeners.

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SKU: 3571

Manufacturer: FloraFlex

Date first available: November 19 2021
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