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floraflex qdps multi-flow 3/4" tee

by FloraFlex

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FloraFlex Quick Disconnect Pipe System Multi Flow Bubbler 3/4 in Tee (12/Cs)

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Last Updated: July. 03 2022
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The FloraFlex® Quick Disconnect Pipe System is an eight outlet manifold that delivers water and nutrients to your plants at the pressure of your choice. The FloraFlex manifold system takes seconds to put together and/or take apart.
Flora Pipe Fitting 3/4”
Flora Valve
Quick Disconnect
Open Flow Bubbler
20-60 psi

$39.99 + $46.03 Shipping
floraflex nutrients - v1 25lb floraflex nutrients - v1 25lb


floraflex nutrients - v2 25lb floraflex nutrients - v2 25lb


floraflex nutrients - b1 25lb floraflex nutrients - b1 25lb


floraflex nutrients - b2 25lb floraflex nutrients - b2 25lb


floraflex 9 floraflex 9


floraflex potpro 6 (ea.) floraflex potpro 6 (ea.)


floraflex qdps multi-flow 3/4" elbow floraflex qdps multi-flow 3/4" elbow


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floraflex qdps multi-flow 1" tee floraflex qdps multi-flow 1" tee


floraflex full tilt nutrients 10lb floraflex full tilt nutrients 10lb


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SKU: 3284

Manufacturer: FloraFlex

Date first available: February 09 2021
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May 15, 2018

Verified Purchase

This is my favorite manifold. I love the quick disconnect feature for an easy repair, This product saves me money and time with its well built design. I find the yellow inserts to work the best, but that depends on your water pressure. I would use this in commercial, and hobby like environments. This product needs to be available. I read the comments before hand and find most of the prior ones to lack ingenuity and a full understanding of what this product can provide. Please keep carrying this!