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emerald harvest cali pro grow a quart/0.95 liter

by Emerald Harvest

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Get Professional Results with Cali Pro Grow!

Unlock Maximum Plant Growth Potential with Cali Pro Grow!

Achieve Optimal Plant Health with Cali Pro Grow!

Promote Vigorous Root Development with Cali Pro Grow!

Maximize Plant Nutrient Uptake with Cali Pro Grow!


Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Grow A Quart/0.95 Liter is a professional grade soil amendment specifically designed to help unlock maximum plant growth potential. The unique blend of ingredients helps promote vigorous root development, optimal plant health, and nutrient uptake. With Cali Pro Grow, you can expect professional results and maximum plant growth potential.

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Product details
Product Dimension: 25.4 x 17.78 x 17.78 cm
Shipping Weight: 1.6 Kg
SKU: 2740

Manufacturer: Emerald Harvest

Date first available: June 29 2020
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Bestsellers Rank: #3 in Emerald Harvest
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