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emerald harvest cali pro bloom a quart/0.95 liter

by Emerald Harvest

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Looking for a two part base nutrient system that's easy to use and produces amazing results? Check out Cali Pro line from Emerald Harvest! Cali Pro Bloom A and B is the second step in the two step process, to be used during the flowering stage of your plant's growth cycle. This formula was specially engineered for your high-yield plants, Cali Pro Bloom A and B is nitrogen rich, and contains all the essential elements guaranteed to boost your plant's flowering potential. Main ingredients include: phosphorous, potassium, as well as trace elements and micronutrients. To use Cali Pro Bloom A and B, just add equal parts A and B to your plants during the flowering stage. To ensure your plants have stalks and stems strong enough to support this robust flowering stage, make sure you're using Cali Pro Grow A and B as well.

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Product Dimension: 25.4 x 17.78 x 17.78 cm
Shipping Weight: 1.6 Kg
SKU: 2739

Manufacturer: Emerald Harvest

Date first available: June 29 2020
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Bestsellers Rank: #1 in Emerald Harvest
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