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cultured solutions clear line professional hypochlorous acid - 5 gallon

by Current Culture H2O

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Discover the power of professional-strength hypochlorous acid.

Keep your plants healthy with an effective mineral descaler.

Enjoy long-lasting results with a powerful cleaning solution.

Enjoy a safe and simple solution for your plants.

Get the perfect balance of performance and safety.


Cultured Solutions Clear Line Professional Hypochlorous Acid is a powerful, professional-strength cleaning solution for plants. It is a mineral descaler that helps maintain a healthy mineral balance in your plants, providing them with the nutrients they need to stay healthy. This solution is safe and simple to use, with long-lasting results that can be achieved with just one application. It is perfect for those looking for a powerful cleaning solution that is also safe and effective. This hypochlorous acid is ideal for treating plants in hydroponic systems and for general cleaning purposes. It is made of natural ingredients and is free of harsh chemicals, making it safe for both plants and the environment. With Cultured Solutions Clear Line Professional Hypochlorous Acid, you can enjoy the perfect balance of performance and safety.

$649.99 Loading Data
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Product Dimension: 53.34 x 33.02 x 33.02 cm
Shipping Weight: 20.41 Kg
SKU: 3728

Manufacturer: Current Culture H2O

Date first available: March 22 2022
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