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current culture uc roots 5 gallon

by Current Culture H2O

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Get the best root-zone environment for your plants with UC Roots.

Increase nutrient uptake for healthier, faster growth with UC Roots.

Unlock your plant's full potential with UC Roots.

Achieve outstanding results with UC Roots.

Maximize yield and quality with UC Roots.

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Current Culture UC Roots is a professional-grade nutrient solution designed to provide the perfect root-zone environment for your plants. It contains a selection of essential minerals and nutrients to increase nutrient uptake, unlocking your plant’s full potential and helping you achieve outstanding results. UC Roots can be used to maximize yield and quality for hydroponic, soilless and soil-based gardens. The nutrient solution is designed to help plants reach their full potential, providing them with the necessary tools to achieve faster growth and healthier results. UC Roots is an excellent choice for those looking to get the most out of their plants.

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the xl exhale homegrowna co2 bag (xl) the xl exhale homegrowna co2 bag (xl)


Product details
Product Dimension: 55.88 x 30.48 x 30.48 cm
Shipping Weight: 27.22 Kg
SKU: 2814

Manufacturer: Current Culture H2O

Date first available: July 09 2020
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Bestsellers Rank: #2 in Current Culture
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