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pH Perfect Bloom 4 Litres

by Advanced Nutrients

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Get high-quality blooms and fruits with perfect pH levels!

Perfectly balanced nutrients for a healthier garden!

Make sure your plants get the nutrients they need!

Get more from your garden with advanced nutrient solution!

Keep your garden growing healthy and strong!

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Advanced Nutrients' pH Perfect Bloom is a revolutionary 3-part nutrient solution that works to balance the pH levels of your garden. This nutrient solution ensures that your plants get the exact nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. With pH Perfect Bloom, you can get high-quality blooms and fruits with perfect pH levels. The perfectly balanced nutrients help to promote faster growth, larger yields, and healthier plants. The advanced nutrient solution helps to make sure your plants get the nutrients they need. Get more from your garden with Advanced Nutrients' pH Perfect Bloom and keep your garden growing healthy and strong.

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Product details
Product Dimension: 33.02 x 22.86 x 17.78 cm
Shipping Weight: 5.44 Kg
SKU: 0109
Product Barcode:  849969002395

Manufacturer: Advanced Nutrients

Date first available: November 25 2010
Average customer review: 4.5 out of 5 stars 908 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #27 in Advanced Nutrients
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May 13, 2017

I've been skeptical of all fertilizers because they always cost so damn much, I'd rather use horse manure in most cases or at least I did untill my curiosity got me; I've been experimenting with many different fertilizers, doing some interesting tests. I am trying to see just how well plants respond different fertilizers while in a poor state. Currently I left a plant to turn yellow; starving it of its nutrients, I allowed the ph levels to ride up over 7.5 which caused the plant to be unable to absorb nitrogen. I then restored the ph levels, and left the plant to wilt a little.

Within 24 hours of feeding (following directions correctly), there was new growth, and all yellow leaves had returned 95% of their greenness.
Within 48 hours, there is hardly any sign of yellow except for at the tips of a few that were ready to fall off. New growth is EXPLODING all over; every node now has a new branch with new nodes. Hands down, this product is like steroids for plants

I highly recommend for all people who love their plants.



Verified Purchase

1L is alot for 1ml\Litre per week. Avoid using 1ml/week

August 12, 2020

I would use 0.7ml once a week max. Stuff lasts forever, just make sure you get the 3 part, using this alone tested on 1 mutated beyond recovery. Others got mutated, leaves started to grow a circular single leaf, or 1-3 strand of leaf instead the normal 5, grew leaf stems too and by that I mean a leaf that looks like a little branch. Hard to explain, so all mine got hit hard off this stuff especially 1 tested with just this.

Avoid using recommended dosage of just bloom for outdoors. Indoors you get much more sunlight otherwise mutation may occur. Unless I'm unlucky and got a bad batch, great product not unhappy with it just be aware for outdoor use with low amounts of sunlight.

I use 1mL\5 gallon pale instead per litre. Works great with big bud. Buy the smallest amount unless you own a huge greenhouse. Micro dosing daily. If you see any mutated leaves, branches cut them off. 2 months and nothing from it.



Verified Purchase

Check your Ph even if people/label say you dont have to!

May 17, 2019

So I bought this thinking I can forget about ph testing.... I started using it on my plants without testing ph (pretty dumb right?) As I hadn't purchased a ph tester and trusted the claims. Anyway after using it my plants started to look sad and droopy and a little yellow so I bit the bullet and got a ph tester (bottle form where you mix a few drops with your water) and it tested around 4ph mixed in natural spring bottled water! This water without the nute mixture tested at around 6.5!
So I tested the nute mixture in tap water (which was testing around 7.5 before nute mixture) and it was testing in the 6.5 range after adding the mixture.
My conclusion: does not work well with natural bottled spring water but worked well in tap water... it seemed to drop my ph a few points in each type of water.

The moral of my story is do not trust that these products will balance your ph.

George Brossault


Verified Purchase

This is a great nutrient for non organic or boosted soils

October 25, 2022

They tell you that you can use this every watering thru all cycles. Don't believe them. This stuff stays in the soil a long time and like all nutrients salt builds up. You must flush the plants when you see salt build up on top of the soil. I also found their feeding chart to be too strong and caused nutrient burn on a few dif strains of my ladies. I used half strength once a week and ended up with MONSTER colas. I dropped the rating not because this stuff isn't great, it is. I dropped the rating bc the manufacturer insists its ph perfect (its not you still need to monitor pH of the run off and soil), and because their feeding charts are too strong.,

Marshall Sullivan


Verified Purchase

Would buy again

March 25, 2019

I use slightly less than the reccomended amounts and I had two plants that were identical in size before I got this and since then I have only given nutrients to one of them so I could hopefully notice results compared to the plant without nutrients and as of today the plant with the nutrients is noticably larger under the same conditions. :) next thing I will order is the veg/micro nutes so I can try out the whole set.

Megs soloveoff


Verified Purchase

Excellent product!

September 28, 2023

I grew my plant outside this year and it got huge! As I started to notice it wasn't going to go to bud anytime soon I ordered this. I tried to stay and do it organically but I didn't want my plant to go to waste. My plant is roughly 6 feet tall so I used more than the required amount since it's so big! This fertilizer has helped kicked my plant into budding phase! Definitely worth it!



Verified Purchase

Damaged package, but mostly salvageable.

April 20, 2021

Right product, but was shipped in a bubble mailer. Some product loss in packaging and bubble mailer, but seems minimal.

Chalk it up to an honest mistake, but i would reconsider shipping liquid products in soft packaging, as it takes very little pressure to break the seals on these poorly designed bottles.



Verified Purchase

Used alongside my other Advanced Nutrients mixed together. Plants seem to be thriving!

January 29, 2019

As said in my headline, I use this mixed with many other Advanced Nutrients to certain grow cycles for my cannabis grow and they are thriving! Super stoked that I chose to go with a full line of AN. For a 1st time home-grow, I'm looking like a pro!



Verified Purchase

Must buy

October 06, 2021

Super easy to use noobs and up and results speak for themself very happy with my yeield and amount of flower spots on my plant a must buy especially if you new and want a good yield/crop I will most certainly be buying again !



Verified Purchase


October 18, 2017

Just what i ordered. It is a 3 part system but if you have a ph tester and other nutrients on hand its perfect. When using supersoil you dont even need the 3 parts. Just bloom & flush nutrients

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