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Hydroclay Premium Clay Pellets 2.5 Litres

by Hydroclay

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Excellent value for premium quality clay pellets

Efficiently retain moisture

Provide equal distribution of liquid and nutrients to root mass

Environmental friendly and reusable for new projects

Perfect for Hydroponics, Soil Aeration, Coco Aeration, Orchid, Decoration and more!

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Hydroclay is a premium porous clay pellet used for variety of growing applications such as Hydroponics aquaponics soil drainage growing medium and decorative accessories. Our product does not contain contaminants from processing and our product is completely environmental-friendly.

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Product details
Product Dimension: 27.94 x 22.86 x 20.32 cm
Shipping Weight: 2.59 Kg
SKU: 2505
Product Barcode:  10161500

Manufacturer: Hydroclay

Date first available: September 16 2019
Average customer review: 4.5 out of 5 stars 1061 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #20 in Grow Mediums
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Verified Purchase

Good product

March 23, 2021

Very happy with this product - reasonable price for a good amount of product. Product quality is satisfactory as well. The only complaint I have was in regards to the packaging - its evident that the bag was not sealed properly - but they shipped anyways despite the fact there was a large hole in it.. It was a bit irritating having to pick everything up and put it back in the bag.. Other than that issue I am very satisfied with this purchase.



Verified Purchase

As they describe.

December 26, 2019

So far so good. I use them in the bottom of trays and put clay pots sitting on top so they get some humidity. I do have a portable humidifier, though I don't like to run it on high all day long to keep it at %50. So I keep the water level with the pellet balls as not to over water the plant but give it some more added humidity. I never keep the water level above the pellets so they can't drink and me not be able to control the watering.



Verified Purchase


January 27, 2020

I've put a lot of plants that were dying in soil and had root rot in here. Not only did they grow back all their roots, they are thriving! The only downside to this is having to get a nutrient water vs the soil fertilizer I already have. So I will most likely pot my plants back into soil and keep this for troubled plants and plant cuttings. But honestly the best medium by far! Anything will grow in it!

Elisabeth W.


Verified Purchase

drainage for plants

August 28, 2020

You can put it in the bottom of a flowerpot that does not have drainage. It keeps the moisture.
or you can put it on the top of the soil, or right through the soil.
Also heard that you can plant a plant in just the pebbles and no soil.
I saw this years ago in Europe, and im glad that we can get it now here also

Annaliza de Luna


Verified Purchase

Happy with 90% size consistent

August 29, 2021

I just got it today, 1day delivery? it is not dusty as I expected and what I had been read from the Facebook group. Only have a few cracked 5pcs estimated. My first time to buy Leca, at first I’m worried to receive what other reviews experienced. Over-all I’m happy expect for a bit expensive!



Verified Purchase

Very surprised

September 15, 2020

After reading other reviews I was really concerned about the size and quality of the leca. But I'm happily surprised, they're not too big and there were no large clumps like others have received. I'm quite happy with this purchase.

Francois van Heerden


Verified Purchase

Hydroponics life saver

September 10, 2023

The 5mm - 7mm size was recommended by the manufacturer to replace their clay grow medium. I'm using it to grow Tom Thumb peas - the pictures above show how the plants grow quickly with the right substrate to hold the roots.



Verified Purchase

Inconsistent pebble sizes and lots of clumped up tiny hydrotons.

May 26, 2020

Inconsistent pebble sizes and lots of clumped up tiny hydrotons. The pellets are also fragile. I could crushed one inside my palm. Forget about being able to reuses them after cleaning, they just fall apart.

Daina Beattie


Verified Purchase

Quality For a great price!

August 04, 2021

First time ordering and using LECA it worked amazingly and it’s holding up decently well. Quite a few “balls” were broken in half in bag, but that’s not at any fault to the distribution:)



Verified Purchase

Great Product

January 02, 2020

The Hydroclay is great, and works well for my hydroponics. My one complaint is that the pellets are larger than I expected and I can only fit 5-6 in the net cup with my plant and grow medium.

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