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grodan gro-slab 20/75 8

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Gro-Slabs provide the final stage for growing a spectacularly large plant. Transplant your Gro-Block plant onto a slab just like professional growers. They come in clearly marked biodegradable UV-resistant sleeves for comfortable handling and algae prevention. With the Uni-Slab, all plant roots are protected and contained for the life of the plant. Due to its size, the Uni-Slab is perfect for one large plant. Uni-Slab has the benefits of a slab with the versatility of a block. All Gro-Slabs have vertical fibers except the 12 in Gro-Slab, which has horizontal fibers.

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hollandbasics 7" propagation dome hollandbasics 7" propagation dome


thick 72 holes tray ( each ) thick 72 holes tray ( each )


grodan gro-smart tray insert 78 cells (ea) grodan gro-smart tray insert 78 cells (ea)


pvp vermiculite 112 litres pvp vermiculite 112 litres


gh rapidstart 275 ml gh rapidstart 275 ml


grodan 3x3x2.5 no wrap (ea) - gm0011gs grodan 3x3x2.5 no wrap (ea) - gm0011gs


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Date first available: February 27 2021
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