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by Hydro Flow

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Experience a leak-free and secure connection for your irrigation system with this high-quality barbed elbow fitting.

Save time and effort during installation with the easy-to-use design of this premium barbed elbow connector.

Ensure long-lasting performance and durability with the robust construction of this essential irrigation accessory.

Simplify your irrigation system maintenance by using this reliable barbed elbow fitting that offers a perfect fit.

Enhance the efficiency of your watering system with this dependable connector that ensures optimal water flow.

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The Hydro Flow Premium Barbed Elbow is a high-quality, durable connector designed for 1/2 inch tubing in irrigation systems. This essential accessory ensures a leak-free and secure connection, allowing for optimal water flow and efficient irrigation. Made with robust materials, this premium barbed elbow fitting is built to last, providing long-lasting performance and reliability for your watering system.
Installation is a breeze with the easy-to-use design of the Hydro Flow Premium Barbed Elbow. The barbed ends provide a secure grip on your tubing, while the elbow shape allows for smooth water flow around corners and bends. This simplifies maintenance and ensures your irrigation system operates at peak efficiency.
The Hydro Flow Premium Barbed Elbow is ideal for both residential and commercial applications, including gardens, greenhouses, and landscapes. Its versatile design allows for compatibility with various tubing types, making it an essential part of any irrigation system. With this reliable and durable connector, you can be confident that your watering system will provide consistent and efficient results for years to come.

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hydro flow barbed tee 1/2 in hydro flow barbed tee 1/2 in


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Date first available: July 26 2022
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