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colibri butane 300ml (ea) bho dry vacuum purge 5x refined

by Colibri

Price: $5.90 + $34.81
$5.90 + $34.81
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Shipping Weight: 0.45 Kg
SKU: 1127

Manufacturer: Colibri

Date first available: January 15 2015
Bestsellers Rank: #1 in Butane
Colibri Butane is the cleanest available for your lighter. Our butane is produced to the exacting standards required by the high performance jet (torch) lighters we introduced to the world in the mid-1980s.

Our butane is processed in world-class refineries and canned in only the cleanest environment possible, resulting in fuel so pure -less than 6 parts per million!- that it does not require repeated filterings to remove the unwanted matter and contaminants that affect the performance of your lighters, and adulterate the flavor of your premium cigar or tobacco.

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