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Purify your drinking water with advanced filtration technology

Enjoy clean water with a simple installation process

Enjoy superior tasting water with improved purity

Get efficient water filtration at an affordable price

Have peace of mind with a reliable filtration system

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The Hydrologic Stealth RO150 with upgraded KDF Carbon Filter is designed to provide superior water filtration to your home. The reverse osmosis filter utilizes a system of filters to remove up to 99% of contaminants, resulting in clean drinking water. The advanced filter technology is designed to reduce the presence of chlorine, heavy metals, and other impurities. The filter also removes up to 98% of fluoride, leaving your water free of the many compounds that can cause health issues. With a simple installation process, you can enjoy the benefits of clean, healthy water in no time.

This filter system includes a pre-filter, carbon filter, reverse osmosis membrane, and post-filter. The pre-filter and carbon filter work together to reduce the presence of chlorine, heavy metals, and other organic compounds. The reverse osmosis membrane removes up to 99% of impurities, including bacteria, viruses, and other harmful contaminants. The post-filter helps reduce the presence of any remaining substances, ensuring clean and pure water.

This efficient water filtration system is designed to last for up to 6,000 gallons of water, making it an affordable and reliable option for your home. It also features an automatic shut-off valve, which prevents water waste and helps extend the life of the filter. The Hydrologic Stealth RO150 is designed to provide superior water filtration at an affordable price. With this system, you can enjoy clean, healthy water that tastes great.

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hydrologic stealthro300 w/carbon filter hydrologic stealthro300 w/carbon filter


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Shipping Weight: 4.54 Kg
SKU: 3152
Date first available: December 07 2020
Average customer review: 4.3 out of 5 stars 78 customer reviews
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Verified Purchase

April 26, 2019

I did a lot of reading and research before I purchased this unit. I decided to go with hydro logic because they also have the option of a cold water/ low pressure membrane if my well/pump combo couldn't provide the same temp and pressure as city water. Also, waste was a primary concern being on a well. I couldn't run it dry in the summer trying to water my plants. This unit as shipped advertises 1:1, but I was less than optimistic about achieving this.

I set the unit up in my basement off a service tap spigot and mounted it to the wall. Because my well runs on a 30/50 switch and the unit requires a minimum of 60psi, I installed an aquatec 8800 booster pump between the spigot and the Stealth R/O. Pressure was a little high off the booster to start, but the 8800 has an adjustment screw on top and I was able to back it down to 75psi. From there it goes into the Stealth R/O at about 58-62 degrees. I also installed an aquatec permeate pump to the system. It uses the brine water as a hydraulic pump to apply vacuum to the output line increasing the efficiency of the R/O. From there it goes into a pressure switch for my pump and from there to a float valve in a 5 gallon bucket for collecting clean water.

My first run after flushing for the half hour recommended I filled the bucket with 4 1/2 gallons of fresh water producing approximately 3/4 as much waste water. I just looked into both buckets at the same time after it shut off and approximated. Either way it was less than the volume of water produced, and far better than my expectations. The water had a TDS reading of 1ppm, and a PH of 8. My well is very alkaline already so I'm not surprised.

All together I'm very satisfied with my results and there isn't a single product in this setup I wouldn't recommend!

Erik West


Verified Purchase

October 01, 2019

The review claiming it used a ton of water did not read the directions, I guarantee it. I kept that review in the back of my mind while putting mine together. If you follow the directions, it has you close a valve after flushing the system initially that makes it 2:1 and then it is good to go. If you skip that step, ya, it is setup to flush water through it quickly and not to filter. Classic user error being blamed on the product.

Anyways - I thought it was easy to setup and the filter quality is great. All the connections are high quality and feel built to last. No leaks or anything. Great product.



Verified Purchase

September 05, 2019

Arrived about a week later than the delivery window. Very little 1/4" O.D tubing is supplied with this unit, approximately 10ft, so purchase more unless you're doing an under sink installation. Easy to install, just channel locks, and a tubing cutter/knife, assuming you've pre plumbed your boiler drain, assembly/installation should take less than 30 minutes.



Verified Purchase

December 23, 2019

This was incredibly easy to assemble (15 mins or less) and easy to operate. It does not waste water as the top review claims; that reviewer did not close the power flush valve which wastes a lot of water to flush. During normal operation it is indeed a 2:1 ratio of waste water to RO water using the purple restrictor, which I have confirmed experimentally.



Verified Purchase

January 08, 2020

So far it works very well. Easy to setup and use. I have only run it enough to get about 300 gallons of product, but don't expect it to slow down anytime soon. I'm hoping to get about 2000 gallons of product before needing to change the filters. Amazing what kind of sediment is coming out of tap water.



Verified Purchase

April 13, 2017

This r/o unit was purchased to produce high quality water for watering my orchid collection. I have it set for higher water/filter saving refuse run-off, and it takes approximately an hour to fill a 3 1/2 gallon container. A little slower going than I had hoped, but it fulfills its purpose.

mark p. ramirez


Verified Purchase

August 03, 2023

As our city water is laden with salts, I needed this R/O system for hydroponic gardening. I built a portable “T” support stand from 2x4s for the filter setup and this worked out perfectly! Now I don’t have to depend on rainwater for my vegetables.

Susie Castillo


Verified Purchase

June 21, 2019

Works perfect! went from 7.7ph 200ppm well water to 0ppm! 5.8 ph and included a hose adapter witch made it super easy to hook up. Best to use a float valve on a 55gal tank or whatever size u need.

Mark The Shark


Verified Purchase

June 29, 2021

Bought for my indoor house plants and now using for drinking water too. Say goodbye to hard water problems and say hello to good health for your plants and yourself.



Verified Purchase

January 29, 2020

This is an amazing filter for the money. Easy to setup and easy to use. I even use this filter for my drinking/cooking water in my home.

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