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Hurricane® 6 in Clip Fan - Classic Series

by Hurricane

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Enjoy cool air in any room with a powerful 6-inch clip fan.

Get maximum convenience with its adjustable tilt head and clip-on design.

Quiet and efficient operation for a peaceful atmosphere.

Easy to use and adjustable speed settings.

Keep your space cool and comfortable with a clip fan.

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The Hurricane 6-inch Clip Fan Classic Series is the perfect solution for keeping any space cool and comfortable. This clip fan is designed for maximum convenience, featuring an adjustable tilt head and clip-on design that allows for easy attachment to any surface. The fan is also designed for quiet operation, providing a peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy adjustable speed settings to find the perfect level of cooling for any environment, perfect for home, office, or any other space. With the Hurricane 6-inch Clip Fan Classic Series, you can always keep your space cool and comfortable.

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Product details
Product Dimension: 25.4 x 17.78 x 17.78 cm
Shipping Weight: 1.6 Kg
SKU: 1705

Manufacturer: Hurricane

Date first available: October 22 2016
Average customer review: 4.2 out of 5 stars 7191 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #1 in Oscillating Fan
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Steve G.


Verified Purchase

Little fan that beats the rest

June 19, 2018

The best small fan I have ever bought. After having an issue with a fan that was much too loud to sleep around I purchased this small clip on fan. The clip is very strong and able to hold the weight of the fan. It is super quiet as in quieter then a whisper. On the lowest setting you can't even hear the thing run and on the strongest it is still whisper quiet. Low setting has a nice gentle breeze effect you can feel up to 6 ft away but the strong setting you can feel a good amount of wind at 8-10 ft away which is amazing for a little 6" fan that is this quiet. Works perfectly and is super quiet so I really have nothing but good things to say. My decibel meter reads it as 15-20 db noise level 8" away in the wind which is absolutely amazing and lower then what they claim! Product was actually better then described and comes with a 1 year factory warranty on parts and workmanship if not used improperly.

(Update: this fan has doubled in price since I purchased it but after a week of running 18 hrs a day constantly in 80 degree temps it still runs strong and super quiet. Was worth the $21.99 but I would not pay what they are asking now)



Verified Purchase

Grow tent fan

October 14, 2020

I have been using 2 of these fans for 3+ weeks on high nonstop and they are still working nicely. They move a decent amount of air, although for a grow tent a large oscillating fan would probably be better. I use 1 on the plants and the other to cool the top of my light fixture. I am using them in a 4 +4+7 foot tent. I took 1 star off because of the absurd price of these small plastic fans. When spring comes and there are lots of large floor fans in the stores I will be purchasing one for the floor area and using these 2 for cooling the light which is a solid sheet of aluminum with leds on one side and the driver pack on the tops, Overall I would recommend these fans though, even though they are overpriced

L Crosby


Verified Purchase

Good fan, funky clip

February 09, 2019

Love the fan portion, the clip however is kind bulky and the articulation is like a stiff ball and joint with a swivel movement.

Not a bad little fan, wouldn't mind if they came out with an intermediate size between this and the 12, with a better clip. Maybe consider a different style of clip. Like one arm that loops around with notches or teeth. You could go with a functional zip tie style fastener that can be undone, or like those clips on a pair of roller blades that feed into eachother to squeeze. And the size should be 7.5" so it is " the in between model for those in between needing size and efficiency."

Peter B.


Verified Purchase

Good fan for keeping condensation off windows

April 11, 2019

I bought 6 of these as our windows were getting condensation on them on cold days and nights in winter. Was very satisfied with them for this whole past winter. They clamp easily on to the windowsill and can be directed to any angle. All 6 of them worked fine with no problems. They do make a small amount of noise however, after a couple of nights having one right in our bedroom window, we got used to it and never noticed it again. I am very glad we purchased these. Maybe they will be useful as cooling fans in summer.



Verified Purchase

Powerful 6 inch fan for multi uses

February 03, 2021

So I love the fan the 2 speeds are perfect for my grow tent I just purchased 2 of them perfect for my small space now my only dislikes about them is I wish the clamp was a pole clamp and the big clip makes it a bit harder too set the fan the way you wanted with out putting stress on the tent material that clip would be great for night stands cribs etc but not for clipping on poles if you guys could send me pole clamps for it I'd love the product even more but great little fans powerful for 6 inch



Verified Purchase

Reliable vs other manufacturers

January 24, 2020

This review is for the 6 inch clip on fan. Purchased two of these a year ago. Since then the price has almost doubled. Went to a local hardware store to purchase two more but they only had a generic brand for a third the price. That hardware store fan only lasted 2 weeks before it died. These Hurricane fans are good, solid, reliable, low noise, and are work horses for whatever your application. Would like to see the price come down to something reasonable before I buy the next one.



Verified Purchase

Quiet fan

January 27, 2022

My reason for a 3 star, #1-not the best quality plastic, #2-Clip only good for mounting on a desk or any board type edge for stability, #3- limited on positioning, #4- overall build quality could really use improvement, had to rig my own bracket to use in my tent, Hurricane needs to make a clip that fits on conduit(tent frames), many have purchased this fan for grow tents and i'm sure they feel somewhat the same as i.



Verified Purchase

Works good.

March 02, 2019

Quick shipping. Fan works great but clip size is very small for what it can be clipped on to. If you're using as normal desk clip fan great, if using in grow tent go for the Honeywell fan that tilts up and down and has a flat base. Had to build two wooden "L's" and attach together to make a stand to attach the fan to, wouldn't stay on metal pole in tent, which was smaller in width.

Jodi Bradbury


Verified Purchase

Excellent product

April 09, 2019

Just what I was looking for! I clip this to our headboard and point it down on my husband’s head and that way I don’t get the breeze, only him. I don’t want the breeze and he does, so this was a problem with free standing fans. Problem solved! Plus, we can travel with this fan too. Excellent product. Thank you!



Verified Purchase

Good product.

February 24, 2021

Good powerful fan for its size, strong clip will watch to most anything, including tent poles if you wrap them in duct tape to give grip, I ordered 3 and have them all in use, great customer service as I had an inquiry about shipping. Worth the money, stay away from vivosun fans they start fires.

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