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by Gorilla Grow Tent

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Get the best of your gardening projects with reliable Hydro Flow Vinyl Tubing!

Make sure your plants get the nourishment they need with Hydro Flow Vinyl Tubing!

Get more reliable results with Hydro Flow Vinyl Tubing!

Optimize the longevity of your gardening projects with Hydro Flow Vinyl Tubing!

Get the most out of your gardening with Hydro Flow Vinyl Tubing!

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Hydro Flow Vinyl Tubing Black 1 in. ID - 1.25 in OD 50 ft Roll is an ideal solution for all your gardening needs. This tubing is made of durable vinyl material that is resistant to UV, chemicals, and abrasion. It is flexible and lightweight and has a 1 inch inside diameter and 1.25 inch outside diameter. The 50 ft roll allows you to cut the tubing to the length you need for your project. This tubing is perfect for connecting garden hoses, drip irrigation systems, and sprinkler systems. It is also great for connecting air pumps, air stones, air diffusers, and air filters. The tubing is easy to install and will provide a tight and secure connection for your garden projects. Get the best of your gardening projects with reliable Hydro Flow Vinyl Tubing!

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technaflora rootech gel 112g/4 oz technaflora rootech gel 112g/4 oz


ac barb/thread .220/.250 (pack of 100) ac barb/thread .220/.250 (pack of 100)


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Shipping Weight: 1.36 Kg
SKU: 3049

Manufacturer: Gorilla Grow Tent

Date first available: October 26 2020
Average customer review: 4.5 out of 5 stars 710 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #4 in Vinyl Tubing
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Verified Purchase

June 04, 2023

Really great packaging. The box was the proper size, no crushing or void space. The taping was great, very secure and didnt break open.
The tubing is what as described. Black 1/2 OD 3/8 ID. It says made in USA.

Im using this tubing for irrigation. I got a nice cheap chinese irrigation fitting kit and theyre using the 1/2 OD tube instead of the 1/2 ID tubing that is typically standard. This tubing is what i need and it fits the weird chinese connectors. However this tubing is a little thicker but i can still fit it into the connectors.
Thanks yall



Verified Purchase

March 08, 2017

PetSmart sells this for like $11 for 3', I was about to laugh out loud when I saw that. Black vinyl tubing used to be available at Lowe's and Home Depot, but have since only started carrying the clear tubing. If you don't want any algae buildup in your airlines (aquariums or hydroponics) when using your equipment, you have to get black vinyl, like this. By far the best deal anywhere online. Even if you don't need this much now, it's such a great deal for the price, save it for next time.



Verified Purchase

October 30, 2020

The hose works alright but the problem is the line itself super easily kinks and its also extremely floppy and flexy so it isn't very secure on some fittings I've tried that are 1/4" fittings. Personally I found a common hydro line that comes in a green roll and is actually firm but not too firm, this stuff I've had get crimped and or kinked which was a serious problem. It works okay for airlines for airstones etc but irrigation forget it!



Verified Purchase

November 07, 2015

Great price for the amount of black hose that you get. Very easy to work with. Wasn't as thick or as stiff as some of the more expensive hoses but im actually glad it wasn't because it made it much easier to work with when going around bends and curves. If there was a spot where I needed a little extra stiffness I would just wrap some electrical tape around it and it would stiffen that section nicely.



Verified Purchase

July 02, 2015

I asked a Question But There Was No Answer From The Provider. So Don't Expect To Get Any Answers If You Have a Question.

The Question Was How Many Feet Do You Get?

Since I Did Not Get An Answer I Ordered It To See how much, The Answer Is 100 Feet.

It Really Looks Good Also, I Wish I Would Have Found This Before I Ordered From Someone Else First.

Richard C.


Verified Purchase

This Batch Was Of Excellent Quality...

March 17, 2019

Having read some of the comments, I was a bit hesitant in ordering this. But with Prime, I knew I'd get my money back if it wasn't up to spec. Turned out to be of excellent quality and am quite pleased. Feel somewhat sorry for those here who didn't get what they were supposed to. However, this present batch of tubing is indeed of quality material. Enjoy...



Verified Purchase

August 19, 2015

I love my tubing! Water and other liquids will flow through this tubing like none you've ever seen before. You'll be amazed by the viscosity and sheer adrenaline rush of wondering when the liquid you're pushing through it with a pump or using gravity feed will emerge from the other end! Oh dear sweet anticipation! I'm going to go use this right now!

H Frazier


Verified Purchase

April 07, 2019

Hydro Flow puts out great quality products. This tubing is excellent. Very strong, yet quite flexible. Seems like it could almost be burial-grade tubing for use in outdoor projects. I am guessing it's the "Vinyl" that makes this tubing so pleasant to use. Much better tubing than the traditional hard, stiff, cheapo, full plastic variants.

myron i. swatt


Verified Purchase

September 18, 2016

Hose works well and fits 1/2 id fittings perfectly in my hydroponic garden. Best thing that I was able to find after extensive research, especially since latex is no longer available in this size at an affordable price. I have been growing hydroponically for many years and this is the best hose that I have found in a very long time



Verified Purchase

March 15, 2016

I received the black 100ft 1/4" tubing today. Seems well made and flexible. However what are the one or more chemicals known to California to cause cancer? Bought it for a hydroponic setup but am a little hesitant now. The product description says food grade. Wonder if it's really safe.

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