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GrowerBasics 8

by GrowerBasics

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•Utilize maximum coverage of feeding footprint for each plant
•Maintain balanced flow and provide equal distribution of water and nutrients
•Block light from growing medium to stop algae, promote root coverage, prevent bugs, allow more oxygen
•Manually hand water or implement together with an automated watering system
•Can be use with coco, soil, perlite, clay pellets or rockwool

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Premium R&D drip cap is a modern design and innovation of the cube cover for Rockwool. These drip caps are designed to increase even flow, block algae and to stabilize and maintain optimal plant health. Easily apply the drip cap onto the top of the correct size Rockwool cube. Flood the caps with fertilized water either manually or with an automated feeder. The caps are designed with numerous drain tunnels that deliver water, nutrients, and air to the growing medium and strict access to light. By blocking light access to the stem base and the growing medium, roots can utilize nutrients more efficiently, oxygenize plants to maximize growth. With the elimination of algae, roots will thrive in the once occupied space, many types of bugs and pathogens will disappear due to the lack of food.

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Date first available: June 28 2020
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