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agrinnova 3/4 hp turbo pump

by Agriproda

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Agrinnova is the leading industrial and agriculture expert for innovative products. The Turbo Pump 1/2 HP is the latest water pump manufactured by Agrinnova. Designed for durability and quality, quiet yet powerful. Commonly used for transferring water, liquid chemical etc. Pump water into and out of fish tanks without a sweat and save time. Pump fertilizers from reservoirs to water wand and feed plants. Pump water from reservoir to nozzle to bathe pets. Having the 1/2 HP utility pump in your hand just about any application is ideal. Agrinnova provides a 3 years warranty on the Turbo Pump.

* Operate quiet and efficient.
* 1/2 HP peak of constant liquid transfer.
* Light and portable.
* Ideal for pet showers, plant feeding, fish tanks, etc.
$144.99 Loading Data
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Shipping Weight: 4.17 Kg
SKU: 2914

Manufacturer: Agriproda

Date first available: August 26 2020
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Bestsellers Rank: #21 in Pump & Irrigation
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