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food grade drum reservoir 200 litres

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The possibilities are endless when you have a 55-gallon plastic drum. Coincidentally, you can find a large inventory of 55-gallon drums on eBay. You can use a 55-gallon food-grade drum to store emergency provisions or seasonal sustenance for the hunting cabin. Drums are great for feed-grain storage and make awesome rainwater-collection buckets. Use them to collect water for your garden and cut out the chlorine this season. You can also turn a 55-gallon plastic drum into a composter to create a nutritious sediment for your potatoes. If they are watertight and come with appropriate caps or seals, drums float, so you can turn them into the bed for a raft. Get creative with a plastic barrel and a drill to make a handy gravity-operated shower for your next camping expedition. Cut a drum in half and use each segment as a convenient animal feeder. Attach a 55-gallon drum heater to your barrel to prevent its content from hardening. You can even use your drum as a settling vat for biodiesel. Dimension: 23" x 23" x 35"
75 gal reservoir cover, 43.5 75 gal reservoir cover, 43.5


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