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Super Boost 10-49-10 10 Kilograms

by Supernatural

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Experience explosive growth for your plants with this powerful nutrient supplement.

Witness unparalleled flower development and increased oil production in your crops.

Achieve higher yields and improved crop quality with this scientifically formulated solution.

Support your plants' essential processes and overall health with this all-in-one additive.

Enhance nutrient uptake and plant performance for a bountiful harvest like never before.

$454.99 Loading Data

Introducing a revolutionary plant nutrient supplement that will change the way you grow your plants – the Supernatural Super Boost 10kg! This scientifically formulated solution is designed to provide your plants with all the essential nutrients they need for explosive growth, unparalleled flower development, and increased oil production. With its unique blend of macro and micronutrients, Super Boost ensures that your crops achieve higher yields and improved quality, setting you apart from the competition.
Our Supernatural Super Boost is not just another additive; it is an all-in-one solution that supports your plants' essential processes and overall health. By enhancing nutrient uptake and plant performance, Super Boost allows your plants to thrive and produce a bountiful harvest like never before. Whether you are a professional grower or a hobbyist gardener, this powerful nutrient supplement is a must-have for anyone looking to see real results in their plants' growth and development.
The 10kg package of Super Boost provides a long-lasting supply, making it a cost-effective choice for growers who want to invest in their plants' health and success. Easy to use and compatible with all growing media and systems, this nutrient supplement is the key to unlocking your plants' true potential.
So, why wait? Give your plants the boost they need with Supernatural Super Boost 10kg and experience the difference for yourself. Your plants will thank you, and you'll be proud of the impressive results!

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SKU: 0275

Manufacturer: Supernatural

Date first available: December 07 2010
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