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by Power Si

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Experience explosive growth and higher yields with a powerful bloom enhancer.

Improve flower density and quality for a bountiful harvest with this advanced nutrient formula.

Boost your plants' immune system and resistance to stress, ensuring a healthy and thriving garden.

Witness a significant increase in essential oil production, resulting in enhanced flavors and aromas.

Achieve faster and more efficient nutrient absorption, leading to optimal plant health and vitality.

$1,904.99 Loading Data

Introducing the ultimate bloom-enhancing nutrient formula that will revolutionize your gardening experience. This powerful, scientifically crafted solution is designed to provide your plants with the essential ingredients they need during the flowering stage, resulting in explosive growth, higher yields, and improved flower density and quality. With over 20 liters of this advanced formula, you'll have enough to boost your entire garden's performance.
One of the key benefits of using this product is its ability to strengthen your plants' immune system and resistance to stress, ensuring that they remain healthy and thriving throughout their life cycle. This is crucial for maintaining optimal growth and flower production.
Another major advantage of using this bloom enhancer is the significant increase in essential oil production, which results in enhanced flavors and aromas in your fruits and flowers. Your harvest will not only be more bountiful, but also more flavorful and fragrant.
Furthermore, this nutrient formula promotes faster and more efficient nutrient absorption, allowing your plants to make the most of the nutrients you provide them. This leads to better overall plant health and vitality, ensuring that your garden reaches its full potential.
Invest in this powerful bloom enhancer today and witness the incredible results for yourself. Your plants will thank you with an abundance of high-quality, flavorful, and fragrant fruits and flowers.

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power si bloom 1 litre power si bloom 1 litre


power si 1 litre power si 1 litre


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Manufacturer: Power Si

Date first available: March 22 2022
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