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vigorous 500 ml

by PlantiMatter

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B vitamins assist plants with various functions throughout all stages of growth including efficient uptake of important nutrients, increase plant metabolism, accelerate growth, promote root development and build resistance to environ-mental stress and harsh growing conditions. Vigorous will provide essential vitamins that your plants need to perform efficient distribution of nutrients throughout the plant white maintain a stable and exceptional growth momen-tum.

Apply 2 ml per Litre of water for all other weeks of vegetative growth and all of flowering cycle
FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS: Apply in full concentration of Vigorous (2 mL per Litre) combinated with recommend concentration (4 mL per Litre) of Quantum Part A & Quantum Part B together for both vegetative growth and flowering cycle. Be sure to check EC & PPM to maintain safe concentration level.

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bud golem 500 ml bud golem 500 ml


cal-med 208 litres cal-med 208 litres


cal-med 1000 litres cal-med 1000 litres


cal-med 20 litres cal-med 20 litres


legacy micro 1000 litres legacy micro 1000 litres


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Date first available: January 05 2021
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