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sterile 10 litres

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Every artwork deserves a finishing touch including ripen plants that are ready to be harvested. Bearing the fruit of excessive labor, your plants may have accumulated abundance of mineral salt that has remained to ruin the well deserved expectations by deceiving in good looks with potentially poor taste. Sterile is a finisher that flushes most of the impurity from the roots and remaining meneral salt content that is trapped inside the plant, purifying the organic plant content remaining resulting to exceptional. White sterile is a finisher it can also be used as a regular flushing agent to remove excess salts throughout the plant's complete growth cycle.

Apply 2 mL per Litre of water for all other weeks os vegetative growth and all of flowering cycle.
FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS: Apply in full concentration of Sterile (2 mL per Litre) at least once a week with only water for both vegetative growth and flowering cycle.

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