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Flowering is one of the most demanding and stressful cycle for plants because they only have one chance to maximize their quality and yield potential. During this period, hyperactive plant activity and complete macronutrients are important to promote healthy flowers and buds development. Often this process is delayed by various deficiencles that growers tend to neglect or is unaware of resulting to withering, yellowing of leaves and eventually decays spreading throughout plants. Over Frost corrects that problem by providing various deficiencies such as magnesium chelate and amino acids which often not only prevent/resolve damage fan and sugar leaves but promote noticeable resin and terpene increase in flower and sugar leaves.

Apply 2 mL per Litre of water for all other weeks of flowering cycle until the last 2 before harvest.
FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS: Apply in full concentration of Over Frost (2 mL per Litre) combinated with recommend concentration (4 mL per Litre) of Quatum Part A & Quatum Part B together for flowering cycle. Be sure to check EC & PPM to maintain safe concentration level.

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