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legacy bloom 10 litres

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Legacy Bloom changes the game as an essential contributor to the legendary three-part formula during the flowering cycle. The flowering period is one of the most vital parts of the growth cycle; it's a "go big or go home" moment for the plant, and it all counts here. Legacy Bloom will initiate an explosion in flower growth and bud formations and accelerate productivity beyond natural ideals, resulting in outstanding yield, potency and smell, as well as supreme quality upon harvest.

Apply 1–2 mL per litre of water for transplanting, seedlings and small plants and 2–4 mL beyond two weeks of the vegetative growth cycle.
Apply 4 mL per litre of water throughout the flowering cycle.
FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS: Apply 2–4 mL per litre of Cal-Med throughout the vegetative and flowering cycles with the Legacy 3 parts formula. Be sure to check EC and PPM to maintain a safe concentration level.

bud golem 500 ml bud golem 500 ml


legacy micro 20 litres legacy micro 20 litres


legacy micro 10 litres legacy micro 10 litres


legacy micro 4 litres legacy micro 4 litres


legacy micro 1 litre legacy micro 1 litre


legacy micro 500 ml legacy micro 500 ml


legacy bloom 20 litres legacy bloom 20 litres


legacy bloom 4 litres legacy bloom 4 litres


legacy bloom 1 litre legacy bloom 1 litre


legacy bloom 500 ml legacy bloom 500 ml


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