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feast mode 20 litres

by PlantiMatter

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A monster plant isn't a monster plant without a monstrous craving. Don't allow your plants to settle for a modest meal; promote that ultimate craving and bring out that monster inside them. Feast mode maximizes your plant's potential in all fields that your fertilizer benefits, including vegetative growth, flower development, terprene enhancement, and much more.

Apply 2 ml per litre of water starting form the 1st weeks of the vegetative cycle until the last week of the mid flowering cycle. FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS : Apply in full concentration of Feast Mode (2ml perlitre ) combined with a lower concentration of either Quantum Bloom Part A & B or Legacy grow, Bloom & Micro together. be sure to check EC & PPM to maintain a safe concentra-tion level

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bud golem 500 ml bud golem 500 ml


cal-med 208 litres cal-med 208 litres


cal-med 1000 litres cal-med 1000 litres


cal-med 20 litres cal-med 20 litres


legacy micro 1000 litres legacy micro 1000 litres


legacy micro 208 litres legacy micro 208 litres


legacy micro 20 litres legacy micro 20 litres


legacy micro 10 litres legacy micro 10 litres


legacy micro 4 litres legacy micro 4 litres


legacy micro 1 litre legacy micro 1 litre


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Manufacturer: PlantiMatter

Date first available: January 31 2022
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