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exosilica 1000 litres

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When not optimal, a growing environment can be a stressful and dangerous environment for plants. Through these rough conditions plants need to shield itself to continue it’s photosynthesis without interference. The introduction of balanced potassium silicate at any grow stage enhances a layer of defense for plant cell walls and structural developments resulting to stronger, thicker stalks, larger and rougher foliage. Plants will become more resistant to heat stress, shock and pathogen. ExoSilica™ is an active potassium silicate protection for your plants throughout all growing cycles to ensure maximum quality of your flowers.

Apply 2 mL per Litre of water starting from week 2 of vegetative growth and all of flowering cycle.

$6,189.99 Loading Data
bud golem 500 ml bud golem 500 ml


cal-med 208 litres cal-med 208 litres


cal-med 1000 litres cal-med 1000 litres


cal-med 20 litres cal-med 20 litres


legacy micro 1000 litres legacy micro 1000 litres


legacy micro 208 litres legacy micro 208 litres


legacy micro 20 litres legacy micro 20 litres


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Date first available: June 24 2020
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