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atomic bloom 10 litres

by PlantiMatter

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Plants naturally grow to their genetic potential even with basic or premium based formula bud development equation remains the same. Atomic Bloom break the restricted genetic limitations of bud building by intensifying natural bulking of budding flowers with heavy amino intakes. The outcome includes maximize in weight, size and potency of successfully harvested yields.

Apply 2 mL per Litre of water starting from the 2nd week of flowering cycle until 2 weeks before harvest.
FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS: Apply in combination with Quantum Bloom Part A & Quantum Bloom Part B together in each feeding during the flowering cycle. Be sure to check EC & PPM to maintain safe concentration level.

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bud golem 500 ml bud golem 500 ml


cal-med 208 litres cal-med 208 litres


cal-med 1000 litres cal-med 1000 litres


cal-med 20 litres cal-med 20 litres


legacy micro 1000 litres legacy micro 1000 litres


legacy micro 208 litres legacy micro 208 litres


legacy micro 20 litres legacy micro 20 litres


legacy micro 10 litres legacy micro 10 litres


legacy micro 4 litres legacy micro 4 litres


legacy micro 1 litre legacy micro 1 litre


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Manufacturer: PlantiMatter

Date first available: October 25 2020
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