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plant success orca liquid mycorrhizae 500 ml

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Orca® is a highly concentrated mycorrhizal and beneficial bacteria product. Bringing together 4 highly effective endo mycorrhizal species with 11 super aggressive bacteria strains, this all-in-one inoculant is all you need when it comes to beneficials. Easy to use and highly concentrated.
$74.99 + $31.30 Shipping
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Christiopher K Setty


April 18, 2014

Verified Purchase

There is a lot of debate about using mychorrhizae and other beneficials in hydroponics, however I have had great success with this product. My res temps get well above 72 frequently and I suffered a lot of root issues. Started using Orca and the next day noticed significant, thick, white roots forming like never before. Res temps don't seem to be an issue as long as I maintain a good colony of beneficials via Orca. This stuff is worth every dollar. And at $37, you can't buy it for less anywhere else. You use 0.5ml per gallon so it lasts a long time. Get it, you won't regret it. Flowers, vegetables, indoor plants...all of mine have all seen drastic root development since introducing Orca. And once a good root zone is established, things like pythium and other root issues have a much harder time gaining a foothold. Once you have all these critters and fungi colonizing your roots, they will break down everything in their path and allow the plant to take up nutrients at a much better rate. Can't recommend this stuff enough.



June 19, 2016

Verified Purchase

My wife was having some fertility issues, so in attempt to self treat the problems and provide a source of true organic food we started doing alot of hydroponic gardening. Everything that I tried to grow hydroponicly just shot up and then it would always die. Root Rot, I would try to kill it off using H202 which would seem to work for a while but the Root Rot would just keep coming back. I tried several things and still nothing seemed to work and I kept having the same issue regardless of what I was growing or of if it was inside or outside.

I finally realized that healthy bacteria were needed and started using Vodo Juice which worked good, after doing some research I found Orca and ever since I started using it I have not had one single outbreak of Root Rot.

I also looked and tried several similar products, for the price and effectiveness this product was clearly the most effective and priced the most reasonable.



July 20, 2015

Verified Purchase

Some of the best mycorrhizae available for water culturing. Doesn't pollute your system and doesn't screw up your ph. Really lasts a long time since its concentrated, barely even need a few drops before they propagate everywhere into your plant root zone. A hydro store clerk gave me a free sample once and I've been hooked ever since. It flat out works. I've tried other mycorrhizae hoping to save costs but I could see the difference. Tomatoes just weren't happy without this particular brand for whatever reason. I'm sure it works great in soil but since I don't care for soil I'll write this review as hydro only.



May 04, 2020

Verified Purchase

This product is pretty much a miracle cure for a hydroponic system plagued by algae growth and root rot.
The roots of my pepper plant were practically infected by heavy root rot, with algae growing on the walls of the gallon bucket. So I decided to just pour a bunch of Orca into the bucket and let it run it's course.
Within a few weeks the dead roots disintegrated completely, with new root growth taking it's place. The plant thrived well into the winter and produced a decent amount of ghost peppers. Would recommend!

Billal Murtaza


February 13, 2018

Verified Purchase

This is the premier Mycorrhizae product on the market. This is specifically made for hydro culture but can be used for soil as well. This is also the successor to the amazing Great White product by the same company Plant Success but way more potent. Great White is .083 props per 1mL and Orca is 17props per 1mL, so in my opinion way more bang for you buck with this product. Since its a liquid formula its way easier to use since most people mix their powder and granular product in water. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!



September 17, 2016

Verified Purchase

This stuff is great, it helps create robust root systems and a healthy and thriving soil ecosystem. I used a bit on some scrawny tomatoes from a local greenhouse and they exploded after a couple weeks. They went from pitiful little plants to large bushes loaded with healthy fruit. The amount of this stuff you get for the price is great, one bottle will last me quite a while.

Syst3m @dmin


July 01, 2016

Verified Purchase

In fairness, I did not do any kind of placebo testing with this, but I can say that I've used it (with water in a pump-sprayer) on ALL of my garden vegetables this year. I have had NO plants die after treatment and all of my stuff seems to be doing way better than other amateur gardeners in my area. I have noticed very healthy roots and great drought tolerance.


  Awesome except for one little thing

June 16, 2022

Verified Purchase

Absolutely love this product made growing extremely easy. The only issue I have is when I received the product it was previously opened and 1/4 of the bottle was gone. I realize that it wasn’t Plant success who sent the product it was a third party. Still even with receiving a used product I’m still impressed.



February 08, 2018

Verified Purchase

I bought this to use in my DWC units as recommended by Plant Success. I did not see any noticeable difference in plant growth or anything at the recommended dosing or higher levels. Maybe I got a bad batch, but I I'm going to finish off the bottle I got on my get cycle and move on and try somthing else.



October 28, 2016

Verified Purchase

I do use it on some grows, but needs carbs to get full benefit, however carbs will promote bad bacteria also, Use in conjunction with hydro Guard or some other beneficial bacteria, Voodoo Juice works better without additional carbs, but is price restrictive.

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