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gaia green greensand 20 kg

by Gaia Green

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Recharge Your Soil with an Organic Mineral Fertilizer

Improve Soil Health and Vitality with a Natural Solution

Get Long-Lasting Nutrients for Your Plants

Give Your Plants the Best Source of Trace Minerals

Enhance Soil Fertility with a Natural Remedy

  • Gaia Green Greensand is an organic and natural fertilizer made from glauconite, a mineral-rich rock. This product is especially designed to help recharge soil with minerals and trace elements, improving its health and fertility. 20Kg of this fertilizer can provide a long-lasting supply of essential nutrients to your plants. The natural and organic origin of Gaia Green Greensand makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a safe and effective way to fertilize their plants. Gaia Green Greensand is easy to apply, as it can be mixed into the soil, compost or mulch. It is also an excellent source of trace minerals, providing a wide range of essential nutrients for plants. This mineral-rich product helps to improve soil fertility and promote plant growth. Its natural and organic qualities make it a safe and effective fertilizer for gardens and landscapes. With Gaia Green Greensand, you can give your plants the best source of trace minerals and nutrients to ensure a healthy and strong growth.
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Manufacturer: Gaia Green

Date first available: November 17 2020
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