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Enzymes Komplete™ is a must have product with a plethora of uses and a great minty fragrance. It is Non GMO, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It is not a fertilizer, a nutrient, or a pesticide, but it can be used to: • Help prevent diseases like Pythium & fungal infections • Reduce the incidence of viruses • Balance good and bad bacteria • Naturally repel insects like aphids and white flies that do not like mint • Clean pots and growing media of accumulated salts Enzymes Komplete™ is ideal for cleaning and reconditioning rockwool, coco coir, and soilless For reconditioning media it is recommended that the cleaning solution be 15ml per gallon of water. Simply soak the used growing medium for 24 hours in the solution (or longer for better results Cleaning Equipment To clean your hand tools, clone machines, pumps, tubing, drip emitters, and instruments soak them in a solution of Enzymes Komplete™ at a strength of 8-15ml per gallon of water for 24 hours to get the best results. Removing Salt Buildup on Trays and Reservoirs To avoid surface accumulation of salts on hard surfaces and equipment, the regular and continuous use of Enzymes Komplete™ is an ideal solution.

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Product Dimension: 50.8 x 30.48 x 30.48 cm
Shipping Weight: 27.22 Kg
SKU: 1955
Date first available: January 01 2017
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