optimum a&b grow 20 litres ( oder only )

by Optimum Hydroponix

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Optimum and Europonic are well-established twin pack nutrients. Optimum has been on the market for almost thirty years but its formulation has been continually modified and improved in the light of new information and growing experience. Optimum is also available in special HW formulations designed for use with hard water. Optimum is highly recommended for all hydroponic applications. Some RockWool growers will prefer the media-specific formulation offered by the Europonic product. Growth Technology twin-pack nutrient solutions Nutrients formulated specifically for hydroponic cultivation. The formulations are based on long commercial experience but have been extensively revised and refined over the years. Manufactured from the purest and most soluble mineral salts. Complete in every elemental detail and balanced for maximum plant performance. Optimum is available in standard and hard water options – in either case precisely tailored to the water supply. Available in GROW and BLOOM options. These variations are based upon the nutritional requirements of green plants at each stage of the growth cycle. The Grow formulation is designed to maximise potential for vigorous vegetative growth while the Bloom nutrient is loaded with the crucial elements that support heavy flowering.
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super max b1 20l (order only) super max b1 20l (order only)


optimum a&b bloom 20 litres(order only) optimum a&b bloom 20 litres(order only)


mystik grow 23 litres mystik grow 23 litres


mystik bloom 23 litres mystik bloom 23 litres


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Date first available: October 10 2016
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