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holland industry 92% gibberellic acid (ga3) 10g (5 packages)

by Holland Industry

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Holland Industry 92% Gibberellic Acid (GA3) 10g (5 Packages) Growth Regulator Seed Dormancy

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Regulate explosive plant growth, trigger dormancy of seeds and early harvest of fruits and flowers.

Holland Industry's Gibberellic Acid or GA3 is 92% pure (which is one of the highest available in the market).

Gibberellic Acid is commonly used to break dormancy of a plant to produce seeds. Gibberellic Acid can also be used to improve plant growth and initiate faster development and ripening of fruits and flowers.
$99.99 + $31.37 Shipping
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Manufacturer: Holland Industry

Date first available: March 05 2015
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September 20, 2020

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