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Grotek RootMax 100 Grams

by Grotek

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Experience rapid root growth and increased nutrient absorption for your plants with this powerful root enhancer.

Witness a significant improvement in overall plant health and yield as this formula promotes stronger root systems.

Say goodbye to transplant shock and root damage with this incredible solution that ensures successful transplantation.

Suitable for hydroponic, soil, and coco coir systems, this versatile root stimulator adapts to your gardening needs.

Watch your plants flourish and thrive with this easy-to-use and highly effective formula that guarantees remarkable results.

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Introducing a groundbreaking solution that addresses the Five Ws and H for your gardening needs - Grotek RootMax! This powerful root enhancer is specifically designed to promote rapid root growth, ensuring that your plants develop stronger, healthier root systems. With a 100-gram package, you'll have enough product to witness remarkable improvements in overall plant health and yield.
Who should use Grotek RootMax? Gardeners and growers who want to maximize their plant's potential and ensure successful transplantation with minimal root damage. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, this product will work wonders for your plants.
What does Grotek RootMax do? It increases nutrient absorption by stimulating the development of fine root hairs, ultimately leading to a more robust root system. This translates to healthier, more resilient plants that are better equipped to handle the stresses of transplantation and growth.
When should you use Grotek RootMax? This versatile root stimulator can be applied during the initial stages of plant growth, during transplantation, or whenever you notice your plants are struggling with root development.
Where can Grotek RootMax be used? It is suitable for hydroponic, soil, and coco coir systems, adapting seamlessly to your preferred gardening method.
How to use Grotek RootMax? Simply mix the recommended dosage with water and apply it to your plants according to the provided instructions. Watch your plants flourish and thrive as they develop rapid, healthy root systems.

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Manufacturer: Grotek

Date first available: March 10 2016
Average customer review: 4 out of 5 stars 1 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #14 in Grotek
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Outstandingly The Best Root Hormone On The Market, HANDS DOWN !! !

August 15, 2020

The reason I gave 4stars. Is only Because RootMax is the Best product on the market for cloning(propagation) anything and everything. It is one of the oldest longest running Rooting gel's around. I've been using RootMax for over 20years.
The only thing is that with this Covid-19, my order did not get delivered. Which is a shame.
I found it locally and i had to drive 4 hours and pay $58.65 for a bottle half the size, ridiculous. But fully worth the gas drive and f'ing money.
If you're able to get your order. And Covid is done being a pain.
Enjoy the Best Rooting Hormone on the market.
thank you for your time.