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Liquid KoolBloom 4 Litres

by General Hydroponics

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Liquid KoolBloom initiates profuse flowering by increasing flowering sites, limiting bud aborting, & builds bigger blooms. Enriched with stress reducing vitamins & nutrient transporting acids, liquid KoolBloom provides the essential nutrients needed by plants to initiate explosive flowering & build bigger blooms. Start using Liquid KoolBloom during the transitional period between vegetative & flowering phases. The formula will promote heavy production of essential oils & increases fruit & flower development without damaging young & delicate root systems.

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Product details
Product Dimension: 33.02 x 22.86 x 17.78 cm
Shipping Weight: 5.44 Kg
SKU: 3637

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

Date first available: January 30 2022
Average customer review: 4.7 out of 5 stars 713 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #89 in General Hydroponics
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Mac Lelland


Verified Purchase

August 27, 2022

I’m not sure about the price being good, because it’s really expensive, but having it delivered and never having to drive around looking for grow shops is well worth it. The measuring sucks because you’ll be using a super small amount unless you have a farm, and for the price they could have included a measuring device, put measurements on the bottles…anything to solve the awkwardness of pouring a tablespoon of liquid from a gallon jug. It’s like making a bowl of cereal by pouring the milk in to a thimble before putting it on the cereal, making sure the thimble is %100 full without spilling a single drop.

Also, I shake the crap out of it to make sure it’s well mixed. The lid isn’t good so it leaks every time and you can’t turn it upside down and shake or you have a big mess. It’s also no fun shaking an entire gallon.

Dr j


Verified Purchase

December 08, 2021

This really makes the flowers swell up huge and does not give them that fertilizer chemical taste at all just dont over do it half strength is enough most of the flower stage I used full strength closer to the end and they were huge you also need the powder rippener or they wont rippin up the way you want



Verified Purchase

August 27, 2022

Was using fox farm trio but when I switched to General Hydroponics, I added KoolBloom to my regimen and have notice a significant difference in amount of bud sites produced on plants. Good price per gallon and only need 1tsp per gallon of water for nutrient solution, so it lasts awhile

j Smith


Verified Purchase

A great PK booster for bloom

September 29, 2020

A great PK booster for bloom. Start with 5mls per gallon and graduaĺly increase up to 10mls per gallon. 15mls per gallon if you're brave. Add the dry koolbloom within the last 2 weeks before flysh

Michelle DAlessandro


Verified Purchase

March 21, 2022

Excited to start highly recommend prices at grow stores going up and I’m so glad I got these when I did. They have went up in price but still better price then grow stores

Kyle J Caldeira


Verified Purchase

March 15, 2019

Worth it! I have been using this product lime for years and has never let me down for growing everything. I recommend using the entire product line if you can afford it.

Warren E. Black III


Verified Purchase

December 08, 2021

Product was perfect but was lucky to get it was shipped by fed ex who delivered to the wrong street luckily my neighbor brought it over for me so basically fed ex sucks



Verified Purchase

April 13, 2023

Been a consistent user of this product. Side by side clones/ ones using koolbloom are more oderous and seem to have a different flavor profile

M. Blake


Verified Purchase

July 08, 2013

Use this during flowering, but before the ripening step. Switch to the powder version during ripening. Makes fruits and flowers huge.



Verified Purchase

February 22, 2022

What an amazing difference this had on my plants. I am keeping this in my gardening toolkit from now on!

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