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Canna Terra Flores 1 Litre

by Canna

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CANNA Terra Flores is a complete one-part nutrient for plants during the flowering stage. It contains the right amounts of potassium and phosphorus to fulfill the plants needs during this stage. It encourages fruit formation and provides every plant with its characteristic flavor. It is suitable for growing in pots and open soil and both in and outdoors. Advantages of CANNA Terra Flores CANNA Terra Flores is easy to use, dissolves easily and is extremely suitable for growing with automatic ”run to waste” irrigation systems The tendency of soil to bind nutritional ions is compensated for by the preparation methods used for Terra Flores Terra Flores is excellent in encouraging fruit formation and contains all the nutritional elements that the plants need during flowering It contains the right amounts of potassium and phosphorous to fulfill the plants needs during the flowering stage.

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Shipping Weight: 1.36 Kg
SKU: 0653

Manufacturer: Canna

Date first available: July 03 2011
Average customer review: 4.6 out of 5 stars 870 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #13 in Canna
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Verified Purchase

February 26, 2023

Excellent quality feed for your garden perfect for flowers and easy to use the container has recommended dosage on the rear is clearly labeled as to not mix them up for eg.. if your using the whole range and conveniently has a measuring tank built into the container for easy feeding
Iv Never had any issues with it always had reasonably good results and my only point of interest would be ensure you have water run off when feeding around 10% ideally to prevent salt build up in cirtain cases just follow the canna feeding charts you can't go wrong and its fairly priced too will use again



Verified Purchase

July 27, 2017

This canna terra flores 1L came fast and safely alongside my other canna products this works very well during flowering stage.i use one bottle cap per liter for 3 weeks and noticed visible results. it helps remove other chems for flushing or sterilising. Mix well before use. Flowering stage is the most important so also get ph meter for more accurate results

grow fly


Verified Purchase

April 25, 2021

good stuff I .like to use it in combination with the canna bio organic bloom ,sometimes
using the bio most of the time but giving it an extra hit when I think my plants need a bit more feed,its great to use as a feed in its own right and is good stuff,but things taste better organically generally,in my opinion.
it is is a quality product



Verified Purchase

May 14, 2018

This is great stuff. Canna products have never let me down. Value for money too as you only need 5ml per litre a bottle will last a couple of grows easily. Always available and also comes in hydro version as well as an organic version too. You won't be disappointed.



Verified Purchase

January 05, 2015

Works well on flowering stage.5 ml per litre of warm water that has sat all day to remove chems for sterilising. Mix well before use. Flowering has never been better. 5 ml is a teaspoon. Will continue to use........it has visible results.

angie martin


Verified Purchase

September 09, 2023

having tried 4 different supplier, one french one german
translated the labels into english found out this one contains the same nutrients
as the old labelled container, halelujah !!!

Terasa Dower


Verified Purchase

November 15, 2022

Bought for a friend as I have prime, he said that its exactly what he needed, that's all I know.



Verified Purchase

May 13, 2020

Used it once and can all ready tell, perfect for the soil people out there. Tomatoes are happy

Karl Hodgkins


Verified Purchase

August 20, 2015

used canna for the past 5 years I wouldn't change for anything know canna all the way



Verified Purchase

July 10, 2014

So far the chillies, toms and peppers like it so I like it to.

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