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Plant photosynthesis is performed during the day/light on periods. This routine is done throughout the plant's life cycle each day from 12 to 18 hours. During the growth period, plants do not absorb just any light source but rather very specific array of spectrums for optimal growth. This is why the engineers at E-MAX have designed the SUNRAY MHX series. This product has been field tested for positive plant reaction and vigorous growth. During our field test, we found that plants using the SUNRAY MHX had an earlier start in flowering, denser and heavier results than our experiments with regular MH. Compared to a standard MH lamp, SUNRAY has up to 27% more blue, red and green. This product is to be used with ANSI S52 rated 1000w ballast or digital ballast. 1000 Watt Compatible with both magnetic and electronic ballast Optimized spectrum Metal Halide grow lamp

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