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LED Mini Greenhouse Kit

New LED powered Mini Greenhouse Kits for the upcoming season. SunBlaster LED Strip Lighting has been added to our Mini Greenhouse Kit line up. These LED Strip Lights last on average five times longer than traditional T5 lighting. Skip the 10,000 hour lamp changes and enjoy a small energy savings along the way. Includes SunBlaster's 18 inch LED with 6400K grow output, double thick 1020 tray, and 7 inch NanoDome with ingenious light tracks.

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SKU: 3738
Date first available: April 01 2022
Average customer review: 4.1 out of 5 stars 63 customer reviews
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Angie Anderson


Verified Purchase

Fantastic product!

April 08, 2022

Easy to use, and great quality! I planted my seeds Sunday night, and by Wednesday my radishes had germinated. Today (Friday), approximately 60% of all my seeds have germinated and are growing well. I will be purchasing another so that I can use them together, this is well worth the money!



Verified Purchase

February 15, 2022

We loved our first one so much that we added a second. We have been propagating Roses and they absolutely are thriving. We really got it for clones and will start that process soon. Highly recommend.



Verified Purchase

August 15, 2021

Great item far surpassed my expectations. It's definitely worth the price increase over the high output T5 variation. LED throws out a lot of lumens. Good bang for your buck I might purchase another

Unknown Productions


Verified Purchase

Perfect For Cloning

October 25, 2021

This set up for clones has been great, holds moisture and has lots of light. My clones always seem to do well in this dome. Keep your equipment clean and it will always do you well.

Nicole Rose


Verified Purchase

Very happy with it.

January 23, 2023

I purchased this for the green thumb in our home. He was very happy with this gift. Would recommend

John Klassen


Verified Purchase

It works very well

September 28, 2020

Good product fast delivery My only complaint the lis Was cracked



Verified Purchase


April 01, 2022