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sunblaster fluocompact bulb 200w 6400k 120v

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Our large 200 watt compact fluorescent lamps replace your existing 250-300 watt regular bulbs. Use 6400K for growth and our 2700K model for your budding or flowering stages, when used in your horticultural applications. These 200 watt lamps are ideal for supplemental lighting between your tall crops, maximizing the availability of high quality light to your chosen crop. Powerful compact fluorescent bulbs from Sun Blaster for use in the garden, office, warehouse, or home environment where flicker free lighting is desired. Full spectrum 125 and 200W bulbs available in 6400K. 200W also available in 2700K. Every light has a built-in ballast. Simply screw the mogul base into a ceramic socket. All Sun Blaster Lighting bulbs have a life expectancy of 10 000 hours or more before the intensity will diminish. In the end, gardening with compact fluorescent lamps is convenient, year-round and efficient. Just set up your plants, carefully place your light sources and watch your garden prosper.
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sunblaster fluocompact bulb 13w 6400 k (4) sunblaster fluocompact bulb 13w 6400 k (4)


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Date first available: September 21 2016
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