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Boost your plants’ growth with this 100% natural substrate.

Make the most of your plants’ potential with the perfect blend of coconut husk and coir.

Achieve maximum results with this organic coco coir mix blend.

Give your plants the best with this organic coco coir mix.

Make your plants thrive with this coco coir mix.

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GROW!T Organic Coco Coir Mix Block is a 100% natural blend of coconut husk and coir that is a great substrate for growing plants. This mix is perfect for hydroponic systems, seed starting, and container gardening. The unique blend of coconut husk and coir helps to create a more stable environment, ensuring that your plants are able to take full advantage of the nutrients they need. The coir also helps to promote better drainage, making it easier for your plants to absorb the water and nutrients they need. GROW!T Organic Coco Coir Mix Block is OMRI-certified, meaning that it is free of any artificial chemicals or additives, providing your plants with the best growing medium possible. With its perfect blend of coconut husk and coir, GROW!T Organic Coco Coir Mix Block is the perfect choice for any serious gardener.

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Date first available: September 06 2019
Average customer review: 4 out of 5 stars 57 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #35 in Grow Mediums
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Verified Purchase

January 09, 2014

Expanded to well over the amount stated. I filled a tub with water and placed the compacted coir in the water and left it overnight. Finished by morning and ready to use. I don't have patience so that's why I soaked it over night. That's my shortcoming and not the products.

I will never use peat moss again. Not that it's not a good product but it is heavy, takes time to reconstitute and is compost miles unfriendly and non renewable. In fact I'm getting spring fever and will order more this week. It's made a difference in my garden 'beach'. My soil is just like sand but my recent cooperative extension soil analysis said the organic matter is 3%. Up from zilch. Compost has helped but this is a lot of organic matter fast!



Verified Purchase

June 21, 2016

Better than peat moss and its renewable! But be sure to wear a mask when dumping it out of the package. Before the coir is "watered" it is very dry & dusty and will fill the air with dust. And if you can help it, don't use it on a wind day. Coco coir is great to use for starting seedlings and makes a great ammendment to the soil along with some good compost, of course. It is a great tool for moisture control! When there is too much water it absorbs it and when the plants are thirsty it releases its water to the plants. I use it in my raised bed gardens in Mel's Mix recipe instead of peat moss and it works great! I definitely recommend this product.

K. Saye


Verified Purchase

July 20, 2013

This is a good product and is very easy to transport, but it does require a little more work than the instructions indicate. It says to soak in water for planting mix, but I let it sit overnight in water, but it still wasn't usable. I have to use a knife to cut it into smaller pieces and used my hands to break down further. I found that is also works great as a gentle exfolient for my hands! My hands were smooth after breaking the block up. It took several hours before this was usable, so make sure you plan for the extra time it will take.



Verified Purchase

January 30, 2016

Great texture and water capacity. Brick size compared to finished product is remarkable. Fills up the equivalent of 2 FULL potting soil bags, which is great for $12. Can look and feel dry, but when squeezed drips water. That's a good sign. Great for sustainability too - to reduce shipping costs and to use over peat moss. I found breaking it up to be pretty fun - threw it in a cooler and loaded it up with water and went to town. Mixed it in sifted potting soil and vermiculite to start my seeds this season.



Verified Purchase

November 21, 2013

I have never used this type of planting mix before. Actually I always thought it was more for hydroponics. I wanted something to repot my houseplants that would hold more moisture. I did not mis any other soils with it. My plants seem to be doing fine and even growing. It was very easy to expand the block. I used my wheelbarrow because it says it makes alot of soil. It does. I think it will work out well and I am quite pleased with it at this time.

George Mosby


Verified Purchase

March 20, 2014

In the past I've started seeds indoors in various types of potting soil. Soil tends to stay too wet too long and causes some root rot. This type of planting medium allows better air circulation and doesn't stay so damp. Have had a great set of seedlings this year with this product. Important to begin occasional light fertilizing once the seedlings form their first "true leaves" (leaves after the initial two cotyledons) and begin to photosynthesize.

C. W.


Verified Purchase

May 06, 2013

I used this product in a 50/50 blend by volume with Miracle Grow Soil with only half my garden and, it could be a coincidence but they ended up being almost 2x the size of the other plants in said garden. Some being the exact same genetics....

I did notice that water drained faster and didn't sog down the soil into a clay like the 100% reg potting mix I used. I highly recommend you add this to your soil mixes



Verified Purchase

April 18, 2012

This is a very convenient medium for plants. It takes about an hour to absorb the 7 gallons of water needed to "reconstitute". BEWARE-it has no fertilizer for your plants; I didn't find this out until after I used it for several planters and the plants died(essentially starved to death). I added a healthy dose of all-purpose plant food and it is working great.

Anastasia O.


Verified Purchase

June 27, 2021

Used to make a growing mix for container gardening:

1/4 coir fiber
1/4 perlite
1/4 organic soil
1/4 compost

You will want to also add fertilizer and minerals depending on the specifi plants you pln to grow.

Jay Anthony


Verified Purchase

December 28, 2013

If rinsed extremely well this product works fine. I prefer other bagged cocos over this one however when in a pinch this can work just fine. This is our go to coco when the other stuff is gone.

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