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Experience superior plant growth with this highly absorbent and eco-friendly growing medium.

Optimize nutrient and water retention in your garden with this natural and sustainable solution.

Save time and effort with the easy-to-use, low-maintenance properties of this versatile growing medium.

Say goodbye to soil-borne diseases and pests with this sterile and chemical-free alternative.

Ensure consistent and uniform growth in your plants with this well-aerated and pH-balanced medium.

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Give your plants a sturdy growing structure with GROW!T’s CoCo Coir Bricks. Now available at Hydrofarm, CoCo Coir Bricks support your plants all year long. The bricks, available in a mix or chip format, do double duty: They retain water, making sure plants never go thirsty, but due to their texture, they also offer excellent drainage properties. Plants are no longer at risk of “drowning” in too-packed or over-watered soil. Instead, GROW!T’s ideal consistency gives them room to breathe and for roots to grow freely, capturing that essential air-to-water ratio for your biggest growth yet. Implement this pathogen-free media to your potting soil or in place of bark as an attractive and all-natural ground cover.

Each brick expands to approximately 1 cubic foot / 29 L of wetted coir.


  • Supports plants all year long
  • Easy to carry, easy to store
  • Great indoors or outdoors instead of potting mix
  • Free from pathogens and seeds
  • Alternative to potting soil
  • High air to water ratio
  • Excellent drainage properties
  • Retains water and improves aeration

Suitable for organic growers!

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Date first available: September 19 2023
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