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grdn big mama 8x8x8

Price: $139.99
BIG MAMA is the largest block ever produced by Grodan. It is 8" square and contains over twice the amount of wool as the popular Hugo block. This block is big enough to grow a large plant for its entire life! When your plant outgrows its current block, just place it on top of Big Mama. BIG MAMA is solid wool and does not have a precut hole thus making it suitable to hold any size smaller block on top (even a Hugo).
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grodan a-ok 36/40 1.5 grodan a-ok 36/40 1.5


neoprene inserts 3 neoprene inserts 3


grodan gro-slab 20/75 8"x36"x3'' (12/cs) grodan gro-slab 20/75 8"x36"x3'' (12/cs)


grodan hugo 40/40 (64) per case grodan hugo 40/40 (64) per case


grodan gro-blocks 3 grodan gro-blocks 3


gh rapid rooter bulk plugs (1400/cs) gh rapid rooter bulk plugs (1400/cs)


pro-mix coco hp pro-mix coco hp


the coco coconut coir 50 litres the coco coconut coir 50 litres


grodan 1 inch (2940 pieces) grodan 1 inch (2940 pieces)


jiffy preforma 72 (ea) jiffy preforma 72 (ea)


grodan gro-blocks 4 grodan gro-blocks 4


canna coco grow medium 50 litres canna coco grow medium 50 litres


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Shipping Weight: 11.57 Kg
SKU: 1553
Date first available: June 07 2016
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