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trolmaster hydro-x ac remote station

by TrolMaster

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ARS-1 offers universal remote control for any IR (infrared) remote controlled AC such as a mini-split AC system. Connecting to the Hydro-X Control System, the user can use the ARS-1 Remote Station to learn and control any remote-controlled air conditioner easily and automatically. Choose your desired temperature setpoint for the Day / Night mode (see Temperature Settings in Hydro-X’s instructions), the ARS-1 will send the day/night setpoint to the remote-controlled AC based on the photocell sensor status automatically.

Includes: AC Remote Station (ARS-1), Signal Emitter, 16ft RJ12 Cable, 4ft RJ12 Cable, RJ12 T-Splitter

$154.99 + $46.03 Shipping
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SKU: 3795

Manufacturer: TrolMaster

Date first available: May 25 2022
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