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Quest 700819 Dual 105 Overhead DehumidifierThe Quest Dual 105 is the world's single most energy efficient dehumidifier. Using only 4.9 amps/115V, the Quest Dual 105 will remove 105 pints of water at standard U.S. rating conditions (80?F/60%RH). As a result of superior efficiency the Quest Dual 105 can save thousands of dollars a year over most other dehumidifiers. Like all Quest products, the Dual 105 is made in the USA using the very best components and materials available. Every unit comes with a 5 year warranty.Horizontal configurationThe Quest 700819 Dual 105 Overhead Dehumidifier features horizontal configuration, patent pending dual outlet design, and insulated cabinet for quieter operation enable their exceptional performance in almost any application.Special Features Include56F to 95F operating range R410A refrigerant 257 CFM without external ducting Plug-n-play, requiring no installation Auto restart 105 pints per day 80F/60% RHCondensate removalThe Quest 105 plug-n-play dehumidifier is among the most energy-efficient large capacity dehumidifiers on the market today.The Quest 105 Dual for example, exceeds Energy Star standards by 50% with its 8.8 pints per kWh of water removal.Low heat loadThe Quest 700819 Dual 105 Overhead Dehumidifier are also optimized for low heat load, so they will continue to control humidity even when it is cool and humid outside. The Quest Dual also features plug-n-play, requiring no installation.Filtering systemThe Quest 700819 Dual 105 Overhead Dehumidifier equipped with a pleated fabric air filter. The MERV-11 filtration is standard, capturing particles (including mold spores) down to 1 micron in size. Operating the unit with a dirty filter will reduce the dehumidifier's capacity and efficiency, so it is recommneded that you change this filter as needed.

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Date first available: December 03 2015
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