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The Tropf-Blumat is a sensor which supplies water drop by drop via a thin tube to the plant. Whenever the soil begins to get dry it will receive water. For this to work, the system requires water pressure coming from another source.

Each plant, each vessel or group of plants should be equipped with at least 1 Tropf-Blumat and adjusted to the individual needs of the plant. For larger vessels or planters you'll need more than one Tropf-Blumat. All Tropf-Blumats can be connected to the common supply tube, with various possibilities of assembly that can be modified at any time.

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SKU: 3506

Manufacturer: Blumat

Date first available: August 14 2021
Average customer review: 4.5 out of 5 stars 255 customer reviews
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CG Reich


Verified Purchase

September 09, 2014

Amazing product, easy setup and great results. I am using this system as an experiment in both an indoor as well as outdoor garden. Currently I have 3 of the Blumats setup running off of a 5 gallon bucket reservoir that is gravity fed and growing produce under a 600W HID light. The reservoir is running about 4-5 day cycles between fillups into coco coir/perlite medium in 3 gallon buckets. Zero runoff when set correctly and I have grown a complete cycle with organic nutrients running through the system and a little DripClean to keep the lines free.

Outdoors I am running 6 of these powered from the hose adapter with zero ferts in the water. These are powering a small 6x6 raised bed with organic soil mix and compost as nutrients. The outdoor ones need a little fiddling here and there depending on temperature and how fast the soil dries but still have preformed extremely well.

Not sure if you can use this system as a complete irrigation option, but for vacations and people who have balcony gardens this is a huge step up from the watering can. Amazing product, great quality, and I can safely assume it will work for at least a few years making it well worth the cost.

Best Unsaid


Verified Purchase

May 12, 2014

Seriously, the blumats are the cats meow, the apple pie with american cheese on top, the hope diamond, and the taker of all cake, rolled into one. How well can you tell how much water your plants? How often do they need it? Unless you have a six-sense like that creepy kid in the movie, these puppies are your best bet. I've ran them for two years straight and have only had minor issues. It should be noted that I run my AACT's and organic nutes through these 24/7. A little massaging of the drip lines every other day, and you'll be mis-stepless. Easy to use. Easy to understand. And, most importantly, they do the damn job consistently and excellently. Seriously, if you're on the fence...don't be. Pull the trigger and start your gravity fed obsession. Blumat, how I love you.



Verified Purchase

August 20, 2022

Set up wasn't too difficult. I found that when I fill my reservoir (even when there's still water inside), I have to make sure that all the drippers are properly set because once in awhile they will turn on full blast. Sort of tedious, but worth it because my plants are getting a steady supply of water with not much effort on my part.

I connected one of the original blumat carrots to this system - the tubing is the same size as drip carrot. By original carrot, I mean the kind that feeds water to the plant from the carrot itself (not drip like this kit). So far it's working well. I sort of prefer the original carrot because the hose effect can't happen like with the dripper.



Verified Purchase

July 10, 2023

Bought this to water my very elderly mother's patio plants because no ready water supply was close. Following the instructions closely I installed it using a 5gal bucket for the water source. It takes a bit of time to get it adjusted right, but so far, it seems to work as advertised. My only complaint is this kit doesn't come with a shutoff valve which is a major disappointment because you need it to turn off the water supply for repairs or adding additional feeders. So you have buy their special sized and overly priced valve to have that ability. I found that to be a bit of ripoff in that regard so the reason for only three stars. Come on Blumat, you can do better than that.



Verified Purchase

June 25, 2017

I'm still trying it but the product is great. No need to set timers and adjust your watering due to weather. The product does it automatically without electronics, just pure phisics of hydrolics in your flower pots.
I took one star off because the instructions how to lay out your system are not clear from the site. You would probably be better calling a rep. The starter kit is not really a starter kit because you need additional parts. Suggest you draw a schematic of the areas you are looking to water and outline everything you need from the facet to the last flower pot. If you have a patience you will have a great system.

Robert Vogel


Verified Purchase

February 24, 2022

Easy to install and clear instructions
Thought it might create a fungus gnat issue but seems to be better than regular watering. Just a small area where the emitter drips stays wet, most the damp soil seems to be just below the surface.

Buy a shut-off valve, helpful when modifying the layout.
Don’t make the mistake of installing when pots are dry, not sure if this was in the instructions but I missed it, seems obvious now. Water your plant to your desired dampness, then adjust the drippers or you will over water!



Verified Purchase

June 23, 2019

This product works great. went out of town with no worries about loosing harvest. Be careful when making adjustments. It can be a bit sensitive to adjustments. Be sure to buy a quality pressure regulator for accurate calibration. If using indoors use an appropriately sized reservoir tank to limit flooding if you over adjust. My plants like a really wet soil, I am quite sure this and a faulty cheep pressure regulator caused most of these growing pains. Once set and on stable pressure everything works great and worry free.



Verified Purchase

Absolutely a Lifesaver

March 27, 2022

I had gotten ill with necrotizing pancreatitis and taking care of my plants and lugging buckets of water up stairs was nigh impossible. After researching several options to make my life a little easier, I arrived on Blumats. The physics of how its works, and setting it up can be a little daunting at first, but trust me once you are over that initial hump, it becomes second nature. it does not rely on any electrical or mechanical parts that can unknowingly break, just pressure (and gravity). Ive since ordered several more.



Verified Purchase

October 23, 2022

We have been using the Blumat watering system for over a year now. It has allowed us to leave the house and not worry too much about our jungle we love to grow. We set each one to exactly the amount of water and nutrients we wish to give. Plants love it because the little woman forgets to water when I'm away! They self water. Use to come home to wilted plants that now look great! Buy it use it. Really!



Verified Purchase

October 25, 2022

I'm using it for several years now, with a 20l galvanized vat. This allows me to fill it in only every 2-3 days, and ensures my raised beds and containers are not getting dry. On a hot day you can see how much a tomato plant drinks real-time.
The system is foolproof and high quality. It has survived a move, outside storage. A great gift to any gardener!

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