multi-watt hl-i 400w digital ballast adjustable/dimmable

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The Multi-Watt 400w Digital Ballast Adjustable/Dimmable comes with four output options 400w, 250w, 150w and includes a Super Lumens setting that will overdrive your lamps to 450w. Automatically detects if MH or HPS lamps are being used and adjusts accordingly. Includes a 120v power cord but, can operate 240v as well and has a built-in fan cooling system to reduce heat. Digital ballasts are the most cost-effective way of improving any type of hydroponic lighting system. Since digital electronic ballasts come in various wattages, they can be used by small hydroponic hobbyists, all the way up to a large commercial hydroponics operation. If your plants get a steady and constant amount of bright light without any variances in intensity, they can better use that light for conversion into the energy they need to thrive and grow.

Features of the Multi-Watt Digital Ballast 400w:
1 Year In-Store Warranty
Dimmable switch for adjusting power output
4 power outputs - Super Lumens/400w/250w/150w
Automatically detect and operate safely at 120v-240v power input
Automatically detect and operates HPS and MH lamps
Virtually no noise with maximum efficiency
Recommended use with 400w Super High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH) lamp for maximum efficiency
Built-in fan cooled system
Includes 120v power cord, can run 120v or 240v
UL and FCC Certified complies with American and Canadian Electrical Codes
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Date first available: November 29 2017
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