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growerbasics 120v electrical magnetic air pump 20w

by GrowerBasics

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Heavy-duty commercial air pump used to provide abundance of oxygen in aquariums, fish farms and hydroponic systems

Product includes quality adjustable chrome air manifold, ranging from six to twelve outlets

Internal cylinders and pistons are made of premium heavy-duty materials, ensuring the pump strength and durability

$44.99 Loading Data

GrowerBasics 881 GPH 20W Air Pump is designed for heavy-duty uses including Aquariums, Fish Tanks, Fountains, Ponds and Hydroponic Systems. Our air pumps are made with top-quality heavy-duty materials to ensure long-lasting durability and air pumping strength. Designed to operate without oil significantly reduce noise compared to air pumps that require oil during operation.

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SKU: 3661

Manufacturer: GrowerBasics

Date first available: February 04 2022
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