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co2 generator 4 burner ng 11,068 btu 10.8 cuft/hr

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Thank you for purchasing the Autopilot CO2 Generator. Please read and understand this instruction manual BEFORE attempting to operate this product. Failure to do so could result in personal injury and/or property damage. Carbon dioxide enrichment stimulates the growth and development of nearly all plants. Elevated atmospheric CO2 levels show remarkable increases in plant growth productivity, it is simply the easiest way to accelerate plant growth. The Autopilot CO2 Generators provide and maintain the carbon dioxide levels needed to meet maximum growing potential, and operate for only pennies a day. Autopilot CO2 generators feature powder-coated steel enclosures that resist moisture, rust and discoloration - providing years of trouble-free operation. The solid state electronic ignition module creates a spark to light the burners. Autopilot generators are available in both propane and natural gas models, along with high altitude versions in all sizes. All models are equipped with: • Precision manufactured brass burners • Solid state electronic ignition module—no pilot light necessary • TIP OVER switch shuts off gas source if the unit falls or tips over • SHUT DOWN warning with LED error indicator light The CO2 generators are perfectly paired with our Autopilot line of environmental controllers.

$514.99 + $33.32 Shipping
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