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Experience the power of a potent, eco-friendly cleaning solution for a variety of applications.

Keep your plants healthy and vibrant with an effective alternative to traditional pesticides.

Discover a versatile, highly concentrated oxygen source for your aquariums and hydroponic systems.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you're using a non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe product around your home and garden.

Elevate your cleaning and sanitizing game with a powerful, yet gentle formula that effectively removes dirt, stains, and odors.

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Introducing a revolutionary cleaning solution that is highly concentrated, eco-friendly, and incredibly versatile: Nutri Hydrogen Peroxide 29%. This powerful product is a game-changer for home, garden, and hydroponic applications, offering a wide range of benefits that are safe for both you and the environment.
Nutri Hydrogen Peroxide 29% is specially designed as an effective alternative to traditional pesticides, keeping your plants healthy and vibrant while protecting them from pests and diseases. By releasing oxygen into the root zone, it not only helps to control harmful microorganisms but also promotes plant growth and overall health.
Aquarium enthusiasts can also benefit from this potent oxygen source, which helps maintain a clean and stable environment for aquatic life. In hydroponic systems, it aids in the prevention of algae growth and provides essential oxygen to the plants' roots, ensuring optimal growth and development.
Around the home, Nutri Hydrogen Peroxide 29% is a powerful cleaning and sanitizing agent that can tackle dirt, stains, and odors on various surfaces. Its non-toxic and biodegradable formula makes it safe for use around children, pets, and sensitive individuals.
With Nutri Hydrogen Peroxide 29%, you can finally enjoy a truly effective, eco-friendly, and versatile cleaning solution that meets all your needs. Make the switch today and experience the incredible benefits for yourself.

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