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Experience unparalleled freshness with a pouch designed for optimal humidity control and terpene preservation.

Keep your herbs safe and secure with an opaque, child-resistant, and FDA-compliant packaging solution.

Say goodbye to mold and bacteria, thanks to the patented anti-microbial film that actively kills harmful microorganisms.

Enjoy easy access and hassle-free sealing with a convenient resealable zipper, perfect for repeated use and long-term storage.

Reduce your environmental footprint with a sustainable pouch made from plant-based materials and designed for recyclability.

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Discover the ultimate solution for preserving the freshness, flavor, and potency of your herbs with the revolutionary half-pound Opaque Pouch. This innovative packaging technology is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of the cannabis and herbal industry, ensuring optimal humidity control and terpene preservation. 
The Opaque Pouch features patented TerpLoc™ technology, which creates the ideal microclimate for your herbs by balancing moisture levels, preventing the growth of mold and bacteria, and actively killing harmful microorganisms with its anti-microbial film. This cutting-edge pouch is not only effective but also environmentally friendly, as it's made from plant-based materials and designed for recyclability.
In addition to its advanced preservation capabilities, the Opaque Pouch is also incredibly user-friendly. The resealable zipper allows for easy access and hassle-free sealing, making it perfect for repeated use and long-term storage. Plus, the pouch's opaque design ensures that your herbs remain discreet and protected from harmful UV rays.
Safety is a top priority with this pouch, which is both child-resistant and FDA-compliant, giving you peace of mind when storing your valuable herbs. Say goodbye to stale, moldy, or contaminated products and experience the unparalleled freshness and quality that the half-pound Opaque Pouch can provide.

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