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Antelco Valve 1/2''

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This flow control regulator valve is constructed to a very high standard, used for the fine regulation of water flow, this device is supplied with two multi-stage hose tails for hose sizes 1" to 1/2" hose In Line Valve is dedicated to providing solutions to control flow in the most arduous applications. Focussed on the upstream oil and gas industries, In Line Valve provides; Chokes for production and injection, Choke and Control Valves for automated and remote flow control and Manual and automated control valves with multistage trims for use in high pressure gas production and for anti-cavitation service in water injection and dumping.

All of our High Quality fittings are made to suit Australian conditions. Simply plug together to make a drip feed or nutrient delivery system to suit your needs.These valves are particularly useful for restricting the flow of nutrients to individual drippers or for isolating parts of your 4mm micro irrigation system.


• Rapid quarter turn on-off operation.

• Operating pressure range 0 to 45 PSI at a temperature to 100°F.

• Single barb inlet and outlet.

• For low pressure irrigation.

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square pot 3.5 inch square pot 3.5 inch

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tray for pot 3.5" #1835 (ea) tray for pot 3.5" #1835 (ea)


hydro flow barbed tee 1/2 in hydro flow barbed tee 1/2 in


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